Fursten Forest, Germany

On this short break away, we head for Fursten Forest.  Near the atmospheric German town of Fürstenau, less than an hour’s drive from the Dutch border, there is an almost 800 acre leisure park where you can experience an exciting and relaxing combination of nature and adventure. Fursten Forest was used until 2008 as a training ground for the German army. The barracks and the rough terrain where tanks and other equipment were used for training has now been given a new function as a leisure park.

Besides exploring the park in your own vehicle, there are plenty of other activities including paintball, monster truck driving and hooning around in a tank!!

Following 2-3 days here, we head for a nearby town which hosts one of the top 10 xmas markets in Germany.  The aroma of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine will waft through the alleys, and this will invite people to stroll, shop and explore. After two nights here, we end our time away and head for the ferry, a few hours drive away.

1583575814 xmas market
fursten patrol