Overseas Destinations

We explore several areas of Europe and beyond each year, with most years incorporating a reconnaissance tour or two into new areas.  The whole team at Roam Free get very excited for our abroad travels and as such you will really enjoy the tours outside of the UK.

Our mainstays tours of Western Alps remain each year, with new destinations added and trialled such as Iceland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and into North Africa.

Whereas our UK tours are a great way to get away for a weekend break from the stresses of life, our longer European tours offer so much more.  You'll have time to bond and interact with not just the members of your group but with locals in the areas we travel through.  You'll be able to make memories of areas that will stay with you many years.  The trip overseas do not tend to be as challenging terrain but are more focused on the experience and your surroundings.  BUT do not take yours eye off the tracks...the consequences of getting a tyre wrong placed are much harsher than on our UK tours.

Have a look below at the upcoming tours this year.  There is plenty of choice and no reason not to get involved.

Keep an eye out for new dates coming soon for 2022 including Romania and Sweden.



  • German 4x4 park and Xmas market
    Fursten Forest
    30 Nov, 09:00 – 05 Dec, 17:00
    Fursten Forest, Pommernstraße 12, 49584 Fürstenau, Germany
    Join us for something a bit different. We spend a few days in Germanys biggest 4x4 park, followed by a short city break on the way back in one of the famous German Christmas markets.