Western Alps

On this tour we will gain and lose some serious elevation daily. One of the first tracks we climb to 1250m with an incredible view of the valley below.


You will be blown away by that view alone. But every corner you turn presents a new view and another memory.



As we go further south we climb higher every day, camping at new spots, witnessing giants of mountains. With a mixture of wild camps and campsites this trip will keep everyone happy.


We will get the chance to buy local produce straight from the farmers. We will see a great variety of wildlife, but only if you can find time to take your eyes off the winding roads. There is the opportunity to stay in a hotel at our mid-way point if you fancy a night away from the canvas.


We shall explore forts and tunnels, some more remote than others. Our own highlight of the tour we shall keep under wraps until we begin the climb up to it, peaking at 2800m!!


Needless to say, this trip is for those who can be prepared. Some days we will leave the valley floor in shorts and sandals, to then only be found digging out the down jackets and trousers by lunchtime!!